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Tel. (+39) 347 3853617

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Designing Data Warehouses, from analysis to final user reports, is my main activity (the others being teaching Data Warehouse courses and helping existing project teams make the right decisions).
Having an expert person in the role of Architect and Project Leader is an essential component of success for Data Warehouse projects, but too often it is disregarded. Teams are often composed of product specialists, coordinated by a project manager who doesn't have a specific knowledge of Data Warehouse design methodologies.
This approach is destined to failure, or at least to deliver low quality resuts, because designing a Data Warehouse is a very complex task that requires highly specialistica skills.

As a Data Warehouse project leader, I can deal with all aspects of the project:




Design of the logical and physical data models


Design of Metadata architecture


Design of the ETL architecture, development of ETL procedures


Selection of software tools


Front-end design (reports, analytic applications)


Depending on the project size, some activites like analysis and logical data model design can be carried on directly by me or by a team, while more work-intensive activities (development of ETL procedures and of analytic applications) are usually carried out by product specialists under my direct supervision.