Teradata Warehouse 7.0 released (from Business Wire, Jan 6 2003)

DAYTON, Ohio, Jan 6, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR), announced the on-schedule shipment of Teradata(R) Warehouse 7.0, a powerful suite of hardware and software that delivers high-value data warehouse solutions.

"The most aggressive release to date, Teradata Warehouse 7.0 provides enhanced performance and new functionality that is unmatched in the market," said Vickie Farrell, Teradata warehouse marketing vice president. "With the combination of the new hardware and software, Teradata Warehouse 7.0 can provide performance improvements of up to 110% over the prior release."

With 150 enhancements, Teradata Warehouse 7.0 enables any business to extend analysis and decision-making beyond corporate management to all functions across the organization whether they are chief executives making strategic decisions or call center representatives performing day-to-day operations. These enhanced business intelligence capabilities further leverage the data warehouse and provide companies an advantage over their competition.

The key components of Teradata Warehouse 7.0 include the flagship Teradata Database V2R5.0, Teradata Tools and Utilities 7.0, and the NCR 5350 Server. These components are accompanied by Teradata applications, partner applications and the new Teradata Professional Services.

According to Farrell, the beta-tested Teradata Warehouse 7.0 has been enthusiastically adopted by customers who are finding that installation of Teradata Database V2R5.0 has provided a dramatic performance boost. In addition, customers can more efficiently manage large numbers of users with varied queries while providing each user with the optimal performance required to address specific business needs.

Teradata partners with leading software vendors to offer powerful data warehousing solutions to customers. The following partners have tested and certified that their software is compatible with Teradata Warehouse 7.0: Ab Initio, Ascential, Ambeo, Atanasoft, Boeing Autometric, BEZ, Brio Software, Cognos, ETI, Hummingbird, Hyperion, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Proxima Technology and Ward Analytics.

"Hyperion customers will benefit from the connectivity and scalability enhancements in Teradata Warehouse 7.0, and will be better enabled to make faster decisions," said John Kopcke, chief technology officer of Hyperion.

"As a market leader, Teradata is providing a unique combination of products and expertise that offers a proven data warehousing solution - a solution that means business advantage for our joint customers," said Jennifer Francis, vice president of business intelligence, Cognos.

Accompanying the Teradata Warehouse 7.0 suite are two new offerings from Teradata Professional Services - Application Performance Management and Workload Performance Management. These consulting services are designed to work in tandem with customers' IT and business teams to forecast and implement data warehousing performance gains using Teradata Warehouse 7.0. More importantly, they provide a transfer of knowledge that enables businesses to derive maximum value from their hardware, software and personnel by delivering timely, accurate information to business users with predictable performance.

The Application Performance Management service is designed to leverage new enhancements in Teradata Warehouse 7.0 that boost efficiency of critical applications and allow customers to better manage their expansion costs. The Workload Management service utilizes Teradata features to assess and prioritize performance based on business requirements so that complex strategic analysis doesn't hinder time-sensitive operational queries. For example, processing-intensive data-mining queries should not interfere with tactical decisions required to drive day-to-day operations. Efficiently managing mixed workloads is a requirement for active data warehousing.