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Tel. (+39) 347 3853617

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Business Intelligence has been leading the charts for the top growing sectors for several years now, and the tools needed to control and manage businesses using key performance indicators are now affordable for any company size, instead of being a privilege of large organizations.

At the same time it's not easy for small companies to stay informed in a market that is changing very rapidly, with new products and consulting companies coming out every month. Even if the consolidation trend continues, with several important acquisitions taking place in the last few years, the continuous flow of new products and technologies makes it very hard to choose those that represent the best value for money.

As a Data Warehouse architect I have participated to many projects with different budgets and I'm convinced that the quality of final results depends for the most part on factors that are not closely related to the project budget, factors like a competent project team that knows both the technology and the client's business, the right choice of products and good project management.

The main difference is that, while in a large project some errors can be tolerated, in smaller projects everything must run very smoothly since the beginning. This is why a project for a SME is often more interesting and rewarding than a large project: results are obtained in a small timeframe and generally have a great visibility.

Thanks to my continuous monitoring of new interesting tools and to my connections with highly specialized companies and consultants, I can offer to SME's a service that covers all the different phases of a BI project: tools selection, analysis, development and deployment.

Contacts: andrea.vincenzi@olap.it Tel. (+39) 347 3853617