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Mailing lists
bulletdwlist, the most important and busy list on Data Warehousing, is hosted on www.datawarehousing.com (to obtain a list of the available commands send an email to:
bulletbi-select is another list with less traffic but still interesting; it's hosted on www.ittoolbox.com (archives on www.OpenITx.com/g/bi-select.asp)
bulletdwlist, la mailing list pių importante e frequentata, ospitata sul sito www.datawarehousing.com (per una lista dei comandi disponibili inviare email a mailto:dwlist-request@datawarehousing.com)
bulletbi-select, un'altra mailing list con traffico pių limitato, č ospitata su www.ittoolbox.com (archivi su www.OpenITx.com/g/bi-select.asp)


bullet comp.databases.olap
bullet comp.databases.ibm-db2
bullet comp.databases.oracle
bullet comp.databases.ms-sqlserver
bullet comp.databases.sybase
bullet DataWarehousing Professionals
bullet microsoft.public.data.oledb.olap
bullet microsoft.public.sqlserver.datawarehouse
bullet microsoft.public.sqlserver.olap
bullet microsoft.public.commerceserver.datawarehousing


bullet Enjoy Every Report
bulletMark Rittman's Oracle Weblog
bulletthe ETL Guy
bullet A Business Intelligence Software Blog


bullet Datamine-L Discussion List A world-wide e-mail forum for dicussing practical applications of data mining, data warehousing, and knowledge discovery


bullet http://directory.google.com/Top/Computers/Software/Databases/OLAP/
bullet http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Databases/Data_Warehousing/


bulletOLAP Train the Premier Provider of Microsoft OLAP Services Training
Other links and references Altri links e bibliografie
bullet The DWH Information Center - Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
bulletData Warehousing and OLAP Bibliography

Data Warehousing and OLAP - A Research-Oriented Bibliography