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The following articles have been selected for those who are looking for a quick introduction to the main concepts behind Data Warehousing. More detailed information can be found on the DM Review and IT Toolbox sites or on the Web Sites and Books sections of this site.

Gli articoli che seguono sono stati selezionati da varie fonti e trattano alcuni concetti fondamentali del Data Warehousing. Maggiori informazioni possono essere ricercate sui siti DM Review, IT Toolbox o nelle sezioni Siti Informativi e libri di questo sito.

bullet Differences of opinion (Kimball)
bullet Battle of the giants - comparing Kimball and Inmon (Mary Breslin)
bullet Federated Data Warehouses (Colin White)
bullet Enterprise-Scalable Data Marts (Informatica Corporation)

Dimensional data modeling

bullet Is Dimensional Modeling One of the Great Con Jobs in Data Management History? (Tom Haughey)
bullet Managing Time in the Data Warehouse (Barry Devlin)
bullet Translation of a star schema into E/R diagrams (Krippendorf/Song)
bullet Many to Many relationships between fact and dimension (Song/Rowen/Medsker/Ewen)
bullet Asymmetric Aggregation (Gabriel Tanase)
bullet Dimensional Data Modeling (Thomas J. Kelly, Sybase Co.)
bullet The Denormalization Survival Guide

DW from a business perpective

bullet 11 Steps in Data Warehousing (Sanjay Raizada - Nortwest operations, Syntel)
bullet Delivering Key Performance Indicators (Hubert Goodman Jr from DM Review)
bullet The case against Data Warehousing (from www.dwinfocenter.org)
bullet Establishing a culture of measurement (Information Builders)

Business Performance Management (BPM)

bullet 2004 Best Practices in Business Performance Management (TDWI)


bullet25 Chekpoints for painless ETL (Data Junction)
bullet Dealing with missing values in Data Warehouses (Stonebridge technologies)
bullet ETL market overview (Giga Information Group)
General interest (not always recent but still relevant)
bullet Data Warehouse Design in the Real World
bullet A Dimensional Modeling Manifesto (Ralph Kimball)
bulletArchitecting a Data Warehouse for flexibility, maintainability and performance (R. Dumoulin - Encore Development)

Metadata Management

bullet Metadata Management white paper (Acton Burnell)
bullet Meta data management in the DW environment (Ascential)


bullet Web OLAP- OLAP & thin-client computing (from Computerwire)
bulletRelating to OLAP (Joy Mundi from Intelligent Enterprise)
bullet The LC Model for OLAP (Dimensional Systems)
bullet The Structure of OLAP Data (Tim Peterson)


bullet Reporting Architectures (Andrew Grohe from DM Review)
bullet Sales Data Visualization (Gabriel Fuchs from DM Review)
bullet Enterprise Reporting (Charles R. Chitty, IQ Software Corporation)
bullet Understanding Analytical Reporting (Business Objects)